Why Choose Lift More Fitness

We focus on hardcore – heavy lifting, not general workout!

Lift More Fitness is one of the only gyms around that can still be called a gym. Old school hardcore concepts that are proven to work and get you real results.

Here at Lift More Fitness, our goal is to provide you with the tools necessary to have the ultimate lifting experience and the knowledge to help you reach your goals. Lift More Fitness exists to constantly challenge it’s members to achieve their goals in an atmosphere without the limitations many other gyms have. You want to use chalk? Go ahead! Afraid to make noise? Not here! Train without a shirt? Go for it! We cater to the dedicated. If it makes you bigger, stronger, faster… We support it!!!

At Lift More Fitness we believe in real results through consistent training and dieting. Stay motivated. Sweat your ass off. Put in the work and you will get the results, we guarantee it!!!

We are dedicated to providing you the best possible workout experience. Our team is looking forward to building long term relationships with each member while helping you achieve your goals. Stop in and try it for free, you’ll never want to lift anywhere else again.

Lift More Fitness